Birth of a Stream




water singing

running over the rocks

birth of the stream

Author Notes

Another haiku from this mornings Ginko walk

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Tim Hillebrant


Without the rocks, the stream would have no song.
I followed the Boise river to some of it’s headwaters just yesterday, and found a whole new truth to that statement- exemplified by your haiku here.

Well done, Craig!



To make this an outstanding Haiku I would use a more descriptive word for (the) rocks and rather than (the) stream (a) stream. I have nits with the word (the). All in all, a beautiful Haiku.


Thank you for your suggetions to fix my “nits” Patricia it is great to get other writers opinions as I often get caught up in my own opinoions of my pieces. Here is waht I was thinking with your suggestions.
water singing
running over rocks
birth of a stream
so much better I feel cheers

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