Birth of a Legend


Previous to human population, before sprites and pixies chased one another through the vast woods, an ancient force ruled the lands. Before time itself knew it existed, and gnomes battled through the mountaintop fog, before all of this and more, the world bowed to the Era of Dragon. Not one single dragon, but an empire of dragons.

The world, near crippled from infestation, sent a distress call. It could no longer bear the weight of the all-consuming creatures. Its forests, smoldered and burnt, all but clung to life. Its waters, picked clean and left barren, echoed the destruction from above. The air, once filled with beautiful chirping birds, now heavy with ash, plead from something to exact revenge on those who dared leave it in such a state.

Dragons. This was their reign and they would never back down, not even with earth’s persistent warnings sent their way.

So, Mother Earth, the spiritess of Moon and Sun, known then as Nanna Uto, took matters into her own hands. From her knowledge and infinite wisdom, she crafted a being opposite her own. In this being she forged strength, savagery, and lust with the ultimate threat of old age if this creature didn’t succeed in ridding the world of its fire-breathing beasts. She named this viscous warrior, Dracuto, which, in ancient tongue, translates to Dragon-Sun.

This monster, dark and plagued with vengeance, was unleashed unto the lands with one purpose: to rid the world of dragon-kind. The demon, set forth with the promise of immortality, battled his way through the ages.

First he conquered the Delarth, Dragons of the East, led by the behemoth, Vesuvius, first of his name. The creatures under Vesuvius’ rule were particularly nasty, hunting in swarms, keeping the head of their prey as a prize. At battle’s end, Dracuto entombed Vesuvius in the base of a mountain that would later erupt, turning its victim to stone.

After many years, Dracuto moved on, defeating the water clan, Apophis. He scattered their corpses from one end of the ocean to the next, cursing the bones of their leader, Bermah the Mysterious, as keeper of the Triangle, banished far from her descendants.

Dracuta tore through the remaining Dragon clans with ease, growing stronger with each kill. He slayed the Romani hoard, followed by the tricky middles tribe, Veles, and then Akhekhu, serpents of the sand. Dracuto, now crowned the harbinger of death, sought to find the last remaining dragon, mother of its kind, Pentroth the Destroyer.



Prologue to a story on the backburner…

Author Notes

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Mary Cooney-Glazer


The imagery caught me immediately…..bleak earth, villainous beasts, canny Mother Earth. Great use of language. Curious about Dracuta’s future.
Enjoyed this. Mary


Quite an introduction to the dragon slayer! I was intrigued by all the names of the dragon clans and dragons, very creative. Are they names you invented or something from mythological history? I take it, killing this last dragon will be a doozy of a story. Hope to read more in the future.

Write On!

Tim Hillebrant


Hi Anisa,

What an awesome read!! Like Dave, I found no nits- and I too read this twice through.
Is it just me, or did I catch a taste of GoT in this?
The fantasy element is here, and strongly so. Dracuto is a wonderful creation- and I love the imagination you used, while weaving in this story with bits from history- Vesuvius, The Bermuda Triangle, and so on.

I agree with the others- you could really spin this out into a much longer tale. There’s plenty of world events too. The Bonneville Flood, Tunguska in Russia, The flood of the dead seas, the explosion of Krakatoa, the fall of Atlantis, the list goes on.

A very enjoyable read,




This is awesome. I’m not the biggest fantasy reader, but I enjoyed the heck out of this. One demon against a world full of dragons – a great idea. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Dracuto is my kind of demon!

You could actually stretch this into a whole series of books – Dracuto v. Vesuvius, Dracuto v. Apophis, etc…

I have no nits – I read through twice and found none. Great write!

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