Big Hands

I was home alone when the carpenters came to install new kitchen cabinets.  I had just finished the third grade.  The cabinet workers were there if something should happen.

One man was really nice.  On his break he would come out of the house, and I would stop my playing to talk to him.  He offered me a quarter if he could put one of his big hands down the front of my pants a little ways.  That was easy, and I was excited about the money.  The next day he asked if I would loosen up my jeans so he could put both hands down further.  It was a cold day, and it would warm his fingers up.  He gave me fifty cents!  I thought about the candy I could buy.

Tomorrow there is a special surprise for me, and he promised to give me a whole dollar!

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reigny dai


A child’s voice was evident from the start. I sat up and my jaw dropped at the events described. You portray a realistic scenario of innocence versus corruption.

Tim Hillebrant


Nice job on the contest entry, Becky.
Made me nauseous to read it, and realize as I did, how the progression would go. Lots of thought provoking things here. Great topic, and I assume a hard write. It would have been for me.



Difficult topic, but I’m glad I wrote it. There are things/subjects that trouble us, and writing those things down can be a release, of sorts. Thanks for reading!



Rebecca this is a cold story to swallow. I find it so hard to publish writings on this topic. The very eyes that you trust the most often times are the abusers. This is a very encouraging post that starts the conversation about the protection of our children. Thank you Rebecca. I have been afraid to open that can of worms.


Thank you, Claudine. I remember it being a difficult write. But, these conversations do need to be addressed and not ignored. Thank you for your positive comments on the subject. It’s ok to be afraid to write it. But, if it needs to be written, write it anyway. Even if it is just for your eyes only. 🙂

* Author Notes: Young children have no idea what is happening to them. They are such easy targets. They trust adults who are nice to them. Always make sure they are being watched by someone you know well and trust. Written for a Flash Fiction contest at Writer’s Carnival called “Itty-bitty” 150 words.

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