Because I Love You- Pt 1

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Tender and authentic that was how it came across to me. No nits as such, though I thought ‘ nosedived ( for) my feet’ stuttered and may read cleaner with to or towards my feet. Just an observation, good writing.



A sweet write! There’s nothing like youthful infatuation (or stronger). It brings me back to my youth, and those times when I fell head over heels for a pretty face (happened more than once – way more). Good writing will do that.

No nits; looked like they were scrubbed clean a long time ago.

Write on!


You write such sweet love stories from the POV of “first-time” innocence and insecure emotions. Your honesty in your main character makes the writing so endearing and relatable. Very nice job here, Tim. 🙂

Write On!

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Tim

A very touching piece about the innocence of one’s first infatuation. Excellent flow and imagery. Well done!
No nits that I could see.

Take care and stay safe,


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