Backyard Cricket


Brothers in arms in a backyard game

Against the neighbours to win is the aim

The rules are laid down we know the score

Hit the fence to score a four

Over the fence on the full brings the shout

Go and get it six and out

A game played out day after day

On quarter acre blocks the stage for today

Neighbours together friendships earned

Skills of the game crafted and learned

A game of the past it seems to be

Swallowed up by today’s society

Author Notes

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The game is played here in Brooklyn every summer. There are a lot of little cricket clubs here. I find cricket a graceful, peaceful game except with the screams for fours and sixes.
This is a beautiful poem. I will show it to my brother who plays the best cricket. Beautiful!


I hope your brother enjoys it, as kids here in Australia everyone played backyard cricket while growing up. I suppose the american version would be the basketball hoop in the yard or a game of stick ball in the street. Cheers


Oh no Craig! The real cricket is played . We grew up in the time of Garfield Sobers and Lance Gibbs. There are a few big parks here. The teams are mostly of people from other cricket playing countries. Thank you for responding.

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