Autumn (A Kyrielle)


As Autumn reigns outside my door

Swirling leaves on a gentle breeze

Content with life I need no more

Glorious Autumn mine to seize


Beside the hearth, warmth I hold dear

Autumn’s caress puts life at ease

Nature whispers gently to ear

Glorious Autumn mine to seize


As nature takes a rest for now

With cloudless skies and gentle seas

I give thanks for my time right now

Glorious Autumn mine to seize

Author Notes

Just to let you all know I am seriously jealous of my northern hemisphere friends entering Autumn so this Kyrielle is for you enjoy your fall you lucky bas...ds (to quote monty python)

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Good timing. I like “nature takes a rest for now.” Good description of the season between the heat and humidity of summer and freezing temperatures and snow of winter. Well done!

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