Aspects of a Life


As babes our journey through life begins

To elders with whiskers on our chins

Along the way we develop and grow

Allowing the world to watch our show


Will it be grand or will it be mild

Will it be tame or will it be wild

Generations before have led the way

Along their path we now must stray


As a child we delight in years yet to be spent

As an adult we reflect on a life well spent

Skin soft and smooth as we start on our way

Hardens and wrinkles as we work, live and play


Youthful eyes that search expectantly

Are replaced with eyes that reflect wisely

Our body in its prime is a thing of majesty

As the years take hold we suffer tragically



Burgeoning minds absorb this wonderful experiment

Of life to unfold given over with intent

Our mature minds make sense of it all

Treasured memories of a life to recall

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