Another Realm

Taking another hit from the pipe,
Oh, the feelings that dwell within,
They sweep me away to another
Realm, a place of wonder, of enchantment.

The blues, the eyes that see deep within.
The enchantress that won my heart.
It is a feeling like no other, it warms
The soul to know this here world.

Peace is at hand, wonders abound.
The starlit nights are a sight to see.
Worlds never seen before, they seek
Out the truth, they seek your soul.

Another drag, the trip needs to continue.
The fairies steer me true, they lead me
In the direction of Warlocks, Wizards and
The love that I have never witnessed…

Author Notes

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reigny dai


I especially liked the final stanza. Fairies, warlocks, and wizards make us think of a fairy tale—a story with a happy ending. However, a life of hitting the pipe and tripping is far from a fairy tale and rarely ends well. Nice job

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