Alphabet soup


A is for Apples you know they float in the sea

B is for a Bonnett you wouldn’t put on a Bee

Now C is a funny letter like a Clown in full stride

D of course equals Danger of that we won’t deride

With an E I can Enter and Exit as I choose

As for F it’s Friday It’s time I cut loose

G is mighty useful we can’t play Games without it

There is a H in Hammock in which I try to sit

Now there is a reason why we need the letter I

It comes in very handy when I Jump into the sky

That nasty letter K has King hit me from behind

While the right angled L makes for a bent Line

Mothers Matter Most a Matron told me so

I’ve always wonder why the letter N says No

O is for Oh no I’ve gotten it wrong again

Punctuation decimated as words flow from my Pen

The letter Q is interesting I often Question this

As for poor old R it doesn’t even Rate a kiss

S looks like the Snake it is I heartily agree

While in the afternoon of course we all sit down for Tea

Watch out for the letter  U it can Untie your lace

And Vanquish all your dignity as you fall on your face

Which Witch is Which a question I often hear

And X marks the spot what’s hidden under here

Yes we have our alphabet even humble Y

Zero letters left to me now so I will finish with a sigh


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