Aguta’s Trek

2303495178_2be7a54eda_arctic-tundraNanuk the Bear stood on his hind legs and sniffed the icy air. Dog. He looked across the snowy plain and saw the sled make its approach. The team of malamutes pulled hard, tongues lolling outside their frozen muzzles. His friend Aguta drove them relentlessly.

The great bear shifted and it was Nanook the Man who greeted the young sledmaster. He adjusted his furs as we watched the man tend to the pack, tossing bits of seal fat to the leads. Snarls, yips and growls. They’d sort it out. Nature always did.

“Greetings, Aguta.”

“We are well met, Nanook.”

“You are headed north.”

“To Aklavik. A delivery from Yellowknife.”

“It’ll be dark in an hour.”

“I carry medicines. People are sick.”

“You won’t make it, Aguta. A storm is coming. You will lose your way.”

“I have to try.”

“Nanuk will guide you.”

“You always do, my friend.”

Photo by mia3mom

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Tim Hillebrant


Hey Doug,

I’m familiar with this tail, and I enjoyed your interpretation of it. I saw below it’s a one time piece? That’s a shame, because this could really be expanded out into something wonderful, if you chose.

No nits that I could see, other than the brevity.


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too short, Doug! I understood the shapeshifter evidence right away, but I am into Indian folklore and such. I also was familiar with the name Nanook. I wanted so much more! I loved the sentiment, and how you set the scene.

Write On!

charles stone


I was a bit confused. Nanook the man is not the same as Nanuk the Bear.
And who is Aguta? And Aguta is going on a mission but Nanook the man is not??

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