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1146820_387147621449243_2669909403355680574_oWriter’s Carnival:  Your New One-Stop Writing Shop
Show of hands… Who wants to be part of a writing community that offers a friendly network of fellow writers, insightful critique from peers, cash-prize contests, paid publication opportunities with three awesome magazines, and helpful resources on how to improve your craft all in one place? Then you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what you’ve come across, your new one-stop shop for all your writing wants and needs! Let’s take a quick look together, shall we? (You can put your hand down now.)


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  1. Welcome
  1. General Information
  1. Personalizing Your Profile
  • Changing Your Profile Picture or Gravatar
  • Editing Profile Information
  1. Dashboard
  1. All About Posting
  • New Posts
  • Editing Posts
  • Tagging Your Posts
  • Set Featured Image
  • Add Media Button
  • Final Posting Step
  • Where to Find Your Posts


Site Rules

    • No name calling or personal attacks.  This type of behaviour will not be tolerated
    • Maximum of two posts per twenty-four hours, per member.  Recommended to keep each post under 1,500 words. You must be an upgraded member to post your work for feedback.
    • Members are required to do a minimum of four reviews per post they publish. If you are not keeping up with the required reviews, your posts will be pulled.
    • We ask every member to respond to the reviews the receive as a matter of courtesy. Writer’s Carnival is a community and participation is key.
    • Review solicitation is not allowed
    • No copy and paste reviews. Put in the effort you expect to receive in return. Please read more about reviewing here.
    • No plagiarism
    • Failure to adhere to site rules could result in account closure

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  • Members are required to do a minimum of four reviews per post they publish.  Writer’s Carnival is a community and participation is crucial.


  • When reviewing the work of others, be honest, but be constructive.  Tell them what you liked and didn’t like about their story, poem or blog post.  It’s important to give the quality of feedback you’d like to receive on your own work. You can comment on things like characters, story development, and detail.  Were things revealed too soon, or did they linger too long on certain elements?  Was the story overly detailed or was it just detailed enough?  Did you connect with the story, or did you find yourself drifting in certain areas? Were there any spelling or grammar issues you noticed? 
  • We understand that everyone here is on a different level regarding skill and knowledge. Don’t stress about the things you don’t know when giving a review, but rather on things you do.  It doesn’t require technical skill to give an honest opinion as to whether or not you enjoyed an overall piece and why. If you’re able to give more in-depth feedback, that’s great.  You can also mention if you think there may possibly be something off about a piece or sentence.  That may help the author of that piece then narrow down specifically what’s wrong.  No feedback, so long as it’s constructive, is bad feedback.
  • If you like to receive feedback from others then you must also give feedback to others
  • Never attack another member in a review, and don’t use reviews as a source of revenge.  This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated
  • This is a community site designed for growth and learning, a place to feel comfortable sharing your work and receiving honest feedback from others


Replying to Reviews

  • When you reply to a review you’ve received, use this opportunity to thank the reviewer and to clarify any points you don’t understand.  It is okay to use the replying section to converse in a constructive, friendly way
  • Do not attack the reviewer for any reason.  Not everyone will like your writing, and that’s okay.  Attacking another member will result in your account being closed.
  • Responding to a review will also send an email notification to the reviewer, letting them know you’ve seen and responded their feedback.




After creating an account on Writer’s Carnival there are a few more things you can do to personalise your profile…

Getting to your Profile Page

  • Clicking on your name or profile picture (gravatar/avatar) in the upper right hand corner of the site will take you to your Profile Page.
  • The link to gravatar.com is on the bottom of your Profile Page.

Changing your Profile Picture or Gravatar

  1. Go to gravatar.com
  2. Open an account using the same email address you used for Writer’s Carnival.
  3. Upload a picture, and set it as your main image.
  4. Allow five to ten minutes for your new image to display in your profile.  It’s that simple!

Editing Profile Information

  1. Hover over your name and picture in the upper right hand corner of the site page.
  2. Choose the EDIT MY PROFILE option in the drop down
  3.  Fill in the blanks for Name, Contact Information, About Yourself, and you can also change your Password here.



  • Your Dashboard can be found in the upper left hand corner of the site. This is one way to get to all your Posts and Media Library.  The other way is to click + New to the right of Dashboard in the upper left hand corner.


  • You will also see a link to the FAQ’s page here and a Quick Draft section, which you can use to write your work and then save as a Draft to work on and Publish later, if you wish.


  • Click on POSTS in the left hand side bar to view all your Posts. You can also add New Posts here.  Click on MEDIA or LIBRARY to bring up your saved images.  You can also add New Images to your Gallery here.


Posting a Story, Poem or Blog

 IMPORTANT Only Upgraded members can post!

Visit http://www.writerscarnival.ca/membership-options-page to upgrade today!

New Posts

  1. Click on + New in the upper left hand corner. A new post page will come up. You can also choose Post from the drop down menu under + New
  2. Fill in the Title, Body, and select or create a Tag.
  3. Set a Featured Image (Optional)
  4. Finish by clicking PUBLISH on the right hand side.

*Be sure to review four other posts BEFORE posting your own work.  The only way a community like this can work is if all members do their part.  If you like feedback, you must give feedback.  Otherwise, if nobody took the time to review and give feedback… there would be no feedback.  So, please, follow the rules and do your reviews BEFORE posting your own work.  Thanks!


Editing Posts

  1. Click on + New in the upper left hand corner. A new post page will come up. You can also choose Post from the drop down menu under + New
  2. Click on ALL POSTS on the left hand side bar. All of your previous posts will be listed.
  3. Select the Post you want to edit.
  4. Make your edit changes.
  5. Finish by clicking on UPDATE on the right hand side.


  • Selecting a Genre

*When you Tag your Posts be sure to type or select one of the main genres from the POSTS FOR REVIEW page so other members can easily find it.  You can add as many tags/genres as you feel appropriate:

  • SCI-FI

The Tag Cloud:  You will notice a “Cloud” of different tags on the top of the POSTS FOR REVIEW page and on the main genre pages.  You can click on any of these tags to find posts that fit these subjects.  This is a very cool feature!

*If you do not Tag your Post it can still be found in the ALL POSTS and MY POSTS categories in the POSTS FOR REVIEW section.


The featured image is a photo option you can choose to be displayed to head up your Post.

  1. Go to FEATURED IMAGE in the bottom right hand corner.
  3. Drag and drop your chosen image file onto the page or click the Upload button to choose from your personal files.
  4. After you do this one time you will have begun to create your own Media Library. From now on, when you click on SET FEATURED IMAGE, your Media Library will open.  From here, you can choose from collected images or Upload new ones.
  5. You will see this image at the top of your Post on the POST FOR REVIEW page.


You can Insert Media into the body of your Post by clicking the ADD MEDIA button under the Title section at the top of your post.  You will have four choices:

  1. Insert Media: Used to upload pictures from your computer, and also where you insert into the body of your post.
  2. Create a Gallery: This is where your Uploaded images are stored.
  3. Featured Image: This option will set your Post’s photo image.
  4. Insert from URL: You can add a URL image link to your Post by typing in the link website address in the box provided.

When you have chosen the image you wish to add into the body of your Post by using the Insert Media, Featured Image, or Insert from URL option, click on the INSERT INTO POST button found at the bottom of the page on the right hand side.

Final Posting Step

  • Once you have finished Editing, Tagging, and Setting a Featured Image, be sure to click on the PUBLISH or UPDATE button, found on the right side of the page, to Publish your post to the site.
  • Now others will be able to read, review and comment on your new Post!


Where to Find Your Posts

  • Your post will now be visible in the Genre you selected in the Tagging Area, in ALL POSTS, in MY POSTS, and on the RECENT SITE ACTIVITY page.


Author Notes