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There. Warning out of the way. Okay, so… let’s dip into the massive series written by George R. R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire. Probably most commonly known simly as Game of Thrones.

This is easily the best series I’ve ever read. I picked it up years ago, before the fifth book was released, and before the HBO series had announced the T.V. show was coming. It’s funny because I always feel the need to mention that I read it before it became massively popular. Do you ever feel like that when you read a book or series before it started flooding the markets and everyone and their dog jumped on the train? Hahaha. Anyway, I digress.

Honestly, I believe I read the first three books in a couple of weeks. I couldn’t put them down. Initially, it took me a bit to wrap my brain around all of the names and goings on in the first book but once it all started to sink in that was it. I even remember pulling over on my one hour commute home from work to read in a parking lot for a while to get my fix before continuing on. The addiction to the books was that intense.

George R. R. Martin not only created an epic fantasy world but some of the most intricate characters I’ve ever come across… and he managed to make me feel for every single one of them, bad ones included. That, to me, is pure talent. When I found myself empathising with Theon Greyjoy, after what he’d done to put himself in the situation he was in, it got me really thinking about all of the characters Martin had created. They’re pretty much all incredible.

Also, be sure to pack some tissue around with you because NOBODY is safe in this story. In fact, if you think they’re safe because of the role they play in the books… they’re most likely going to die. So, don’t get attached to anyone. Yeah, right. Hah! It’s impossible to not get attached.

I remember throwing my books around while reading, too. My inner hulk surfaced more than once and I’d swear I wasn’t going to read another page because of Martin was taking me on an emotional rollercoaster. Seriously. Who does this guy think he is?! But it was all worth it in the end. Picking up the book again, I mean.

Now… when is the next book going to come out?? I broke my own rule recently with the last HBO season, too. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone. I swore I wasn’t going to watch it until George Martin released the book, but I think I lasted all of an hour before I had to watch it. Do I regret it? Nope. I’m still going to read the book and, of course, the book will always be better than the show. Though, HBO is killing it, in my opinion. They did a fantastic job of bringing Game of Thrones to screen.

Alright… let the discussions begin! Who are your favourite characters and why? Were you riding the same emotional rollercoaster I was? What do you think about the transition from book to T.V. show?

Looking forward to discussing these books!

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charles stone


“It’s funny because I always feel the need to mention that I read it before it became massively popular.” Haha. When books or movies are crazy popular I don’t look at them simply because they are. Heck, I just started watching Star Wars last week. haha.
Maybe 2029 I can read this series.


I don’t have a favourite among the characters. I like the political intrigue of the books so much like feudal europe. I haven’t watched much of the tv series though just an occasional look not even an entire episode lol. I do find the detail he puts into the storyline quite involving some could consider it dry. The way he treats the characters particularly the female characters is particularly brutal however I think that is very much a historical fact rather than just a rampant imagination. I do prefer Tolkien’s Middle Earth and Stephen Donaldson’s The Land series though.

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