A Single Tear Fell


Always held here deep in my heart

Still in my mind though now apart

In photos now I see your face

Now in my mind I see your grace

Grief has danced its Tango with me

Leaving behind sweet memory

Ever lonely I walk the line

Tears well up and make my eyes shine

Empty inside I search the sky

A single tear falls from my eye

Rolling onto an upturned lip

For you I smile and take the trip

Eager to take on a new life

Loss put aside like a dull knife

Lest I forget for your name was mum

Author Notes

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This is so beautiful, Craig… You capture the emotions so dear to the child who has lost their mother. And, we are all children when we lose a parent. A tear fell from my eye, as I thought about the inevitability of losing mine in the not-so-distant future. Great job with this. 🙂

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