A Morning Stroll

david winter seagull


A salty tang sits in the air
I raise myself from a ratty cane chair
The pull of soft sand on unshod feet
Slips through my toes as soon as they meet

The foamy brine beckons me “come hither”
Come play with me there’s no time to dither
White gulls overhead scan the beach below
I watch as I walk at their aerial show

Shells broken and whole adorn the shore
Passed by those who walked before
I follow the footsteps left in the sand
Fellow dawn walkers at one with the land

Dolphins follow my path for a while
Curious are they of my strange style
Bored soon with this game
They leave me for more of the same

Over the headland the sun begins to rise
The glare off the water makes me shade my eyes
My solitude soon broken the day has begun
With the arrival of the pilgrims who follow the sun

Author Notes

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I wrote this while on holidays a while ago

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