A Little Gnome Poem


Everyone knows that Gnomes are your friend
Your yard they’ll keep clean and garden they’ll tend
But what most do not know or have never seen
Is the Warrior Gnome of the Zombie Regime

They are the elite, the best of the best
If there are Z’s these Gnomes will not rest
They’ll fight the good fight against armies undead
They’ll cut and they’ll gouge, they’ll slice and they’ll shred

So when the end does arrive and zombies grow near
And the Warrior Gnomes start to appear
Make sure that you’re nice and welcome them in
Be them nasty and stinky, they’ll still save your skin

© 2016, Travis Baribeau. All rights reserved.
The author has granted WritersCarnival.ca, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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Always a treat to read your poetry, Travis! I have to confess, I am NOT a fan of garden gnomes! But, if they will keep the zombies away, I may have to reconsider! I had many good chuckles from this poem. 🙂

Write On!

Tim Hillebrant


Zombie Fighting Warrior Gnomes! Film at 11!

I loved this, Travis. Busted a gut reading it. Keep writing, talented sir!


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