A Light Shines on the Path

A light shines on the path

faint yet warm and inviting

I follow it’s glow

losing sight and panicking, at times

but there it is again

waiting for me to catch up

Shining brighter when I truly seek it

Shining dimmer when I stray

A light shines on the path

and I so want to catch up with it

When I run it travels faster

losing me as I stumble

being too eager to capture the flame

When I slow down

tired and exhausted and weary

it comes back to me

hovering around my feet

waiting for me to recover

A light shines on the path

sometimes bright

sometimes lost in darkness

I realize

it is brightest when my heart and eyes

firmly focus on the path

and my feet calmly and steadily

walk without fear or yearning

When I truly trust

the light to shine…

©2013 Rebecca Braun.  All Rights Reserved.

Author Notes

"Let it Shine!" Peeps!

18 Comments for “A Light Shines on the Path”

Tim Hillebrant


Great poem, Becky. And a reminder for all of us that to see and enjoy our light, we needn’t run, nor crawl, but walk our pace, and it will be there.

Well done!



You speak great wisdom, oh my brother… We need only recognize the light in ourselves, embrace it at whatever pace we travel, and accept that it is ours. So glad you liked this one. Thank you, TimTim.

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