A Family Getogether

Together again on this once a year day
Relatives together once more into the fray
Mothers and fathers with sisters and brothers
Cousins and friends with inlaws and others
Aunts and uncles and grandparents in tow
Together we put on a hell of a show
We come together this band of us
Joined by the blood coursing through us
Food and drink taken to the extreme
A bounty laid out only found in a dream
Family stories better left untold
Regale us all of times of old
Lost acquaintances with nothing to say
Ready to fight, laugh and play
We did it again together we came
Now to start planning next years game

© 2016, Craig Lincoln. All rights reserved.
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Author Notes

A fitting piece for this time of the year

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Anisa Claire


Good write, Craig! You capture the moment of family getting together and enjoying themselves, but with the potential for a few arguments in the mix. Lol




Wonderful reflection of the Holiday, Craig. Sounded very much like my family’s celebration this year, minus the alcohol, lol.

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