In Times Like These

In Times Like These: A Time Travel Adventure
by Nathan Van Coops

Ever since the first time I sat down in front of the television and discovered the wonderful world of Doctor Who, I have been fascinated with science fiction and time travel. If you readers are anything like me, finding a novel that has just the right amount of those two things without having a cheese factor of a million is a daily struggle. I was fortunate enough to be sifting through the weekly tonnage that is the new novel sector of Amazon and stumbled upon what might be one of my favorite in the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey science fiction genre.

What would you do if you were accidentally zapped backward in time? The day starts out normal for Ben and his friends, softball, lightning and time travel. That’s right time travel and for Ben, Blake, Carson, Robbie and Francesca there is nothing that they won’t do to get back to good ole 2009. Luckily for them, time travel is actually a fairly common thing. Not so lucky for them, it’s also dangerous as hell! Especially when you have to learn things the hard way because of a serial killer who also tagged along for the time-ride!
In Times Like These is the first time travel novel that I have read in quite some time that not only kept me flipping pages but also had my checking the calendar for the sequel.

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Larry
Enjoyed the post. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since its inception. The only way one could watch Doctor Who back in the day was on PBS. Tom Baker, followed by David Tennet were my favorite Doctors, with Sara Jane the favorite side kick (and K-nine of course.

Take care and stay safe,


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