A crackling log on a cold frosty night
To sit in front of what a delight
Dancing flames a mesmerising show
As we bask in the embers blazing glow

To prepare our food and heat our home
Flames conquered no longer to roam
Another servant from our very own backyard
For our convenience to use and discard

A friend from nature we think to tame
A friend and enemy one and the same
We control it’s fury we kid ourself
To control it is to control nature itself

In the blink of an eye
Flames leap to the sky
Fury unleashed now it begins
Remorseless it assails us for our sins

A raging inferno devouring all in it’s path
The ultimate weapon for mother natures wrath
Ashes and ruins left behind
Ashes and ruins forever in our minds

A lesson we should heed
Ere we feed our greed
Fire was here before us
Fire will be here after us

Author Notes

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Tim Hillebrant


I love this, Craig!!

Fire, technically, is a living thing. It eats, leaves waste behind, breathes air, and propagates itself as it goes. It can be large or small, used as a tool or for destruction, but in the end, the fire wins. Not all the water on earth could put out the fires within it. And water too, can burn.

Well done, sir!

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