10 Fun Ways to Nurture Your Imagination

Let’s face it, as writers we depend on our imagination to pull us through some of the wildest situations, epic romances, and fun-filled adventures. As we spin our stories, we dig deep into our minds to pull out the imagery-rich ideas we’ve stuffed away so we can turn them into words other people will enjoy reading. And like anything in life, your imagination requires some care and attention.

Here are ten fun ways you can nurture your imagination…

wallpaper-1541821_960_7201. Expand Your Interests – Try something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet. Love pottery? Take a class! Interested in canoeing? Head to the lake and rent one for the day. Find yourself wishing you could rock climb? Go ahead and try it. Expanding your interests is a fun way to nurture your imagination.

2. Explore Your Curiosity – We’re all curious by nature; it’s how we learn. Next time you pass a road trailing off into the woods and find yourself wondering what’s down there, go take a look. Curious about how dinosaurs managed to function with such short arms? Look it up! Want to know what it’s like inside a fancy restaurant? Get dressed up and go check it out. Curiosity is key to a healthy imagination.

3. Seek Out Other Creative People – How better to grow your imagination than by surrounding yourself with other people who are also creative? Visit your local art museum. Head to a book sale or writing fair. Check out your local library to see what events they have going on. Take some time to find people who will inspire you to explore your imagination.

4. Do Something Artistic – Writing is an art in its own, of course, but also take some time to grab those brushes, crayons, markers or pencils. Take a second to doodle down a little stickman figure, if that’s all you want to do. Pick up a coloring book and colour a few pages in it. Heck, dip your fingers in paint and smear them across the page like you used to when you were five. All of that helps open your mind. You never know what kind of crazy things you’ll think up while you’re enjoying your new creative outlet.

5. Relax – Yes, you read that right. Take a few moments to just sit back and relax. Don’t think about anything in particular. Let your mind drift away from your daily stresses, hectic day and dinner that’s waiting to be made. Take a second to simply enjoy the moment for what it is. You’d be surprised where your mind will take you if you give it a little time to drift.

6. Be Passionate – Be passionate about what you’re doing. Whether you’re watering the flowers, writing a story, out walking your dog or simply enjoying dinner with your children. Allow yourself to feel the passion behind even those most basic things in life. Because, as cliché as it is, life is pretty darn amazing, isn’t it?

7. Don’t Accept Answers as Stated – Ask why! If something doesn’t make sense to you, or you want to explore the subject a little more, don’t be afraid to ask why. This is a great way to get yourself always thinking about things and why they are what they are. It’s a great exercise to nurture your imagination.

teddy-1338895_960_7208. Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes – Who cares? We’re all human and we ALL make mistakes at one point or another. All that means is that you’re trying and that’s a good thing! Push your boundaries, try new things, and don’t be afraid to ‘mess up’. Trust me, your imagination will thank you after your ego takes a backseat.

9. Visit the Toy Section – Take a wander down the toy aisle. Why not, right? Kids’ toys are nothing but creative because they’re meant to keep kids interested and learning. Let yourself take a few moments to play around with some of those new toys they have out. Push the buttons, watch the lights flash, let yourself chuckle at how ridiculous you feel. At the end of it, chances are you’ll be feeling light and fun.

10. Last But Not Least… Be Yourself! Don’t ever hide who you are from anyone, especially not yourself. Don’t be shy. Don’t be apologetic. Be yourself. This is one of the biggest steps to nurturing YOUR imagination and letting it grow with you.

Hope you enjoyed this list of creative ways to nurture your imagination. We’ll be back again soon with another writing article for you all. If you’re looking for more ways to get moving on your writing, check out the Writing Prompts section of the site!

Also, we want to hear how you nurture your imagination. Have other fun ideas for the rest of us? Chime in by using the comments below! Looking forward to seeing what else you all come up with.

Anisa A. Claire

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