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Delores Turrill
Carnival Contest…Delores for March 20th

Carnival Contest…Delores

The birds are chirping,
The flowers are blooming,
The children are singing and dancing,
The excitement is catching,
Even the adults are smiling, and chatting.

What is going on in this little town,
Making everyone gather around.
Looking in the direction they are going,
I see a sign with flashing lights,
Oh, now I see and understand.

So it is a carnival that brought this glee,
I want to go inside and see it all,
Some carnivals bring everything, some are small.
The closer we get to the entrace,
the scent of food enters my nostrils,
Making me realize I haven’t ate.

When it came my turn to go through the gate,
I realized they had brought it all.
Everywhere I turned there was something to amaze,
The sweet aromas were strong they made my eyes tear,
and my mouth water.
Peanuts, popcorn, cotton candy, caramel apples,
hot dogs a whole stash to keep you inside.

Pony rides, a spook house, a merry-go-round.
Everything to entertain and keep everyone
on the ground.
I hear a man yelling aloud,
his voice carries to the crowd.
Bring in the Clowns, he orders.
This brought about a screaming and
cries from the children.

© Copyright 2014 Delores Turrill. All rights reserved.
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Author Notes

Well this is for the March 20, 2014 contest for a rhymed poem about a carnival, I didn't know what to post it under.
I hope it is a winner, I sure could use the lifetime upgrade membership with Writer's Carnival. For it might take me
a life time to get straightened out physical.  :) Hope not!

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– who has written 128 posts on Writers Carnival.

I have been writing for several years, just been skeptic of putting myself out there. I have decided to heck with it, I can write and I do believe people will enjoy it. I hope I can add to and learn a lot from Writers Carnival. I am having a blast with it all now.

  1. I love it, Delores! I’ve attended a few carnivals in my life, and this poem brought back the memories perfectly.

    Good luck!


  2. Delores, this was a nice poem. So many sights, smells and sounds that can bring readers back to their childhood. Good Luck. MJ:)

  3. MMMMmmmmm….smells like a carnival! Nice visions and images that easily take us there in our minds and in our memories.


  4. Hi Delores,

    You’ve created vivid images here. I felt like I was at a carnival with all the sights, sounds, and smells. These lines: “The closer we get to the gate,/Smells of food enters my nose,/Making me realize I haven’t ate” have a folksy ring to them.

    My only suggestion is this line: “This brought about a screaming of cries from the children.” I’m not sure if “screaming of cries” makes sense. Screams are synonymous with cries. Also, screaming connotes fear, and I don’t think that was what you are going for here.

    Lovely and lively poem!

    Tabitha :)

  5. Hello, Delores:

    Good lively, happy poem about what ones feels when a carnival comes to town.

    Two questions: Smells of food enters my nose
    (A smell enters and smells enter?…does this make sense)

    I hear a man yelling (yelling is loud maybe yelling aloud or out loud?),

    Enjoyed your post.

    Take care,


  6. Delores, this is a lite, airy beautiful image of the feeling of a
    carnival coming to town. I love this piece. The flow and vibe
    is excellent.

    nice write

    charles stone

  7. It was all love and fluffy and then that last line changed it all, lol I enjoyed it I just don’t like clowns. This poem gives great, strong imagery and is very well constructed. Not sure of the ‘smells of food enter my nose line,’ as Raymond mentioned but apart from that great.

  8. Hi Delores,

    Nice walk through the Carnival experience. Different foods, lights, and rides. Sounds like a good time until the end where it seems to have ended in a bit of a spook for the children.

    Best of luck in the contest!

    ~Post-a-Palooza… Are you ready for the challenge?~

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